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    Żywiec Lake was created by the damming of the Soła river in the 60s of the last century whose valley was divided by a dam. The southern end of the lake, located within the Żywiecka Valley, almost reaches the area of downtown Żywiec. The northern part of the lake (in the vicinity of the dam) occupies a narrow valley, cutting into the slopes of the Little Beskids. The Żywiec reservoir is used for producing energy, flood control and tourism and recreation.
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    Międzybrodzie Bialskie
    Międzybrodzkie Lake, also known as Międzybrodzkie Water Reservoir, is an artificial lake on the Soła river, formed by a dam in Porąbka. The reservoir was built in 1937. Originally, the purpose of its construction was to control flooding. Later, the lake became a recreational destination and a power plant was built here. The area of the reservoir is a starting point of interesting trails leading onto the nearby peaks of the Little Beskid.
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    The commune of Zebrzydowice located in picturesque Cieszyn Silesia is increasingly relying on weekend tourism. Attractive leisure centers in Kończyce Małe and Zebrzydowice are to attract tourists here. In summer, in the capital of the commune, you can find relaxation on the large pond “Młyńszczok” with an open-air swimming bath, a water equipment rental shop and a beach. Walking and Cycling trails run in the vicinity and there are snack bars and entertainment facilities.